Back in BA

After the bus ride which arrived on time I got back to Buenos Aires. I didn’t get up to much but I did see Plaza del Congresso and an expensive but good Tango show in the evening. Some of their moves were amazing so it was worth seeing. I have some cool photos which I’ll add to Flickr at some point; basically the next time the Internet holds enough fun to spend an hour waiting for the upload to Flickr to finish uploading on the ultra fast connections they have here. Maybe I need to pretend I’m staying at the Hilton to borrow their connection or something…

Then this morning I fruitlessly searched the city for some Spanish lessons. My search didn’t go particularly well but I went back to the hostel and had lessons there; I wasn’t expecting them to be taken particularly seriously but they were actually pretty good and I’m having more for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow before my Spanish lesson at 3.30pm I have my homework to do and some shopping for a new jumper as I shrunk my wool one in the wash.

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