The Cameron highlands

I took the bus up to the cameron highlands on Friday evening. After arriving I had supper at the hostel and had a chat with my roomates before falling asleep. The next day I got up fairly late as I hadn’t slept amazingly on the train and had brunch of a mostly tradtional English breakfast at a nearby restaurant before returning for another chat. Then at 2pm I headed out on a walk up the side of the valley to a peak called G. Jasar. This was a tough climb through the trees to reach the top and get views of the jungle and the hotels starting to invade it – there is more jungle left than in Argentinas northern province however. I also got to walk directly underneath an electric pylon which was quite interesting to see architecturally. After this climb I then climbed down again to an electric substation – once there I could see a road on the other side but not how to reach it so I turned back and returned the way I had come.

Then on Sunday I decided not to do a walk and instead took a totally average tour to see various sites. These included a beautiful rose garden. A strawberry farm that was just an opportunity to buy strawberries (these were good, but not up to my mothers standards. There these are grown in plastic to keep them healthy and to stop pests eating the strawberries. This seems to work but I’m not sure on the plastic usage – at home we use straw. After this we went to a tea factory and then a butterfly park both of which we good before heading to the beautiful Sam Poh Chinese buddhist temple that included interesting but slightly tacky gold Buddhist statues probably including the four kings (the guardians of the Buddha from the north, south, east and west) as well as the laughing Buddha – the guide didn’t seem to know anything about the temple so I didn’t push.

The next day I got up early and after checking my email and doing some shopping I headed out on a fairly ambitious walk. I was going to return to the Sam Pho temple but the final bit of path was very steep so I gave up and did a circuit back to town which took about 6 hours and covered about 9km or so – though most of it was on narrow and twisty woodland paths. This walk was a success in another way as this time I didn’t have to turn back. The woods were beautiful though I heard a lot of birds I didn’t see much wildlife except a snake very briefly. I thought I saw the bushes move in a snake-like fashion on the first walk as well.

One thing I like about Malaysia is that the prices are reasonable so you don’t have to bargain as much as in other countries which makes a nice change!

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