Up at 7am and the statue of liberty

So I got up at 7am yesterday morning to head down to the statue of liberty.

Two days ago after I’d been to the 9/11 exhibition (which was very moving) I tried to go to the statue of liberty. Unfortunately it was 2pm so the tours for the day had all sold out. So I got up early to try again.

Fortunately they had tickets available when I got there at 9am, though that was only the beginning, there was a 1.5 hour queue to get into the statue due to the extremely tight security. Even then you only got into a museum and to climb to the base of the statue which was disappointing. After that I went to ellis island which was where the poor immigrants to the US were admitted around 1900 when it was in use. It was a really interesting museum and it discussed how immigration has occurred over the past several hundred years as well as the cultural changes from moving to a new land. They also had a video showing the personal stories of some of the immigrants. After that I went to Wall Street which we really interesting. I tried to get into the stock exchange but I wasn’t allowed as a tourist, you probably wouldn’t get into any others though. I did get to see a tour of the Federal building however.

After Wall Street I got the subway up to Chinatown and saw the Brooklyn and Manhatten bridges. Chinatown was really interesting and there weren’t many non-Asians around. I ate quote early in a really nice and cheap (I.e. less than $10, you can barely buy a sandwich for less, here Pret is cheap though still more expensive than it is in the UK) restaurant called East Corner Wanton; there I ate a dish I’d never heard of before called congee (my iPod had heard of it though :p). After continuing to wander through Chinatown I went up to Time Square and saw a jazz band playing; they sounded good and I got their CD but haven’t added it to my iPod yet.

Today I did my first load of washing before heading to the UN. The building itself as interesting and there was a guided tour around the general assembly room though there was yet another long queue so I decided not to bother. It is definitely appropriate for the UN to be in New York, it is probably the most multicultural city in the world; certainly one of the highest alongside London.

Finally I headed to the New York public library to upload this to my website, the New York library is a very beautiful building and also seems to have a lot of books. To compare it to Oxford I carried out a rigourous scientific study: searching for Condorcet’s 1785 work on election theory. Unfortunately for Oxford they lost; although the New York library doesn’t have the original like Oxford it does have an English translation which is much more useful (and the library is fully open to the public!)

PS photos will come from Washington I’m not hogging the hostels whole connection to do it and the Apple Store and library don’t allow plugging in of cameras.

More in New York

So last night I didn’t go to be early, but instead went up the Empire State building with a couple of people from my hostel. I got some really cool pictures of the New York skyline at night. Then this morning I walked up to Time Square, then got the subway to the bottom of Central Park and the Apple Store before getting back on the Subway and heading Downtown.

I’ve stuck the pictures I took on Flickr

Arrived in New York

After waiting for an hour to clear security, I picked up my waiting bag and caught the subway to the hostel. The train arrived promptly and thanks to the fact that new York subway trains don’t call at every stop we were soon in the centre of Manhatten. One thing I noticed about the subway was that aside from a few British tourists everyone else on the train looked poor (and they were also mostly Black or Hispanic) which was strange compared to public transport everywhere else I’ve used it (admittedly that is just Europe and Singapore :p). The train was also covered in graffiti and the stations looked pretty dodgy. The tube is great in comparison!

Anyway, enough on public transport, I did get to Manhattan and to my hostel. The hostel seems very cool and friendly and seems like a nice place to start my journey. It is also close to the sites and in a neighbourhood called Chelsea which seems like an average place to stay (the only thing it has on common with Chelsea in London is the cars parked on the street but there they belong to the staff)

After I arrived I went out to get some food, I got some African food from a restuarant just up the road it was quite spicy but tasty and very filling, definitely an interesting choice. New York is definitely the most multicultural place I’ve been so it should be interesting. Tomorrow I’ll be off to time square and then to have a explore of the city.

I’ll try and get some pictures up tomorrow when I’m using a computer not my iPod to post a blog post.


My big rucksack full of my stuff

My big rucksack full of my stuff

Today I’ve been packing my rucksack for my trip as I’m leaving in only 36 hours now.

I’ve had quite a lot of stuff to pack and my big rucksack and daysack are now full. Fortunately though the big rucksack only weighs 11.5kg at the moment which is well under the weight limit even for my flights with Budget Airlines.

All the photos (including one of me with both rucksacks on, if you’re on my Flickr friends list) can be seen on Flickr.

Adding me as a Flickr contact

Hopefully you have now setup a Flickr account by now, if you have a Yahoo! account, you basically just have to sign into your Yahoo! account to create a Flickr one. Its worth noting that you don’t need a Pro account to use Flickr and it is completely free.

However Flickr can be quite difficult to figure out how to add people as a contact, first you have to go to my profile page (this was linked in the Welcome post, but is also linked here).

Then you click on the “add to contacts” button, which is shown in the following screenshot circled in red:

My main profile screen, the add to contacts is shown circled in red

My main profile screen, the add to contacts is shown circled in red

After clicking on this you are then taken to the following screen:

Flickr add to friends/family page

Flickr add to friends/family page

Where you can mark me as a friend/family as appropriate.

At this stage I am sent an email where I can add you as a friend/family member, once I have done this you can view pictures that I have marked as such.


I’ve just switched my personal website over to using WordPress, so it looks better and is easier to write blog posts for during my travels. I’ll aim to keep it updated fairly often so you can see what I’m up to.

If you wish to make comments on my website you can register for a new user account here, though you can just make comments with an email address.

I’ll be publishing photos on my Flickr page which can be found with the link “Matthew’s Photos” at the top of the page or here. Although many of my photos will be made publicly available some (EDIT: Those with people who I know in them) will only be visible to my friends and family on Flickr.

If you wish to see these photos you’ll need to create an account for Flickr here, and then add me as a friend/family which you should be able to do on my Flickr profile page. Don’t worry Flickr is owned by Yahoo! so its trustable, and if you have a Yahoo! account already for something it should be fairly painless to set one up for Flickr too.

Otherwise no additional accounts or applications should be required.


I’m trying out WordPress blog for my website to see if I can make a travel blog on my own website to document my trip round the world starting at the beginning of August.

Complex Analysis Questions Complete

After today’s lecture was the last assessed lecture on the course my set of questions now contains all the questions given in the lectures. These are on my maths page.

Please let me know of any correction you have by email to latex@matthewhutton.com

As there will almost certainly be corrections the questions will continue to be updated with those towards the exams as they are found.