Data file updated to 2.1.4

I have been sent some further spells and a character class by Ben Sutherland today, these have now been added to the data file. There are also some other minor alterations (and with D&D Manager 2.2 or later you can overwrite existing data correctly). This can now be downloaded from the data page (direct link here).

Thanks for all the contributions so far from Patti Devlin, Go Endo, Eric Rahm, Ben Sutherland and Wordman. If you have any further contributions, please send them to me so they can be included.

D&D Manager 2.2 Released

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve overhauled the attack screen to make it easier to use. I’ve also improved how attacks of opportunity work as well as made quite a few other minor changes.

The new version can be downloaded here or on the download page.

Thanks to Wordman and omnihedron for the suggestions used to improve the attack screen for this release.

Versioning system changed

This is the least exciting news ever but is worth recording. I’m changing the way I version releases to make more sense. Minor bugfix releases will be x.x.x (e.g. 2.1.6). Releases with major features which don’t break file compatability will be x.x (e.g. 2.1) and those releases that do break file compatability will be x (e.g. 2, 3 etc) which should make the versioning a little clearer.

Going travelling

At the beginning of August I’m going off travelling for 6 months or so and I’m not taking my laptop with me. If you have any bug fixes or minor features you’d like adding before I leave send me an email in the next couple of days.

I’m currently working on improving the attack screen and I should be making a software release with that complete sometime in the next week. Though I’ll be happy to do another bugfix release before I leave if needed.

D&D Manager 2.1.6 Released

After 3 months, most of which I have been busy doing exams the next version of D&D Manager is ready for release. This includes changes to improve ammo handling, and turn/rebuke undead as well as the underlying coding improvements mentioned in my last post.

The new version can be downloaded here, or on the download page.

Thanks to Ullrich Reichenbach II for the suggestions used to improve the ammo system that have been fixed in this release.