D&D Manager 4th Edition code on Sourceforge

I started doing some work on the version of D&D Manager for 4th edition D&D as a separate program as there are a fair few changes from 3.5 edition. But although I will be contributing and working on it a bit I don’t have time to do the whole project on my own (or it will take a long time – like a year or so). So if you’re interested in helping let me know by email.

The code is viewable online at: dd-manager.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/dd-manager/4-ed/ and it can (probably) be downloaded if you have svn installed with:

svn co http://dd-manager.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dd-manager/4-ed/ dd-manager-4ed

D&D 4th Edition

After my trip I finally picked up the 4th edition D&D book, and the new game looks a lot simpler. But I’m not sure I’m a total fan yet – all the powers seem a bit much. However it also seems to have made enough changes from 3.5th edition that really I need to create a new application.

Now obviously not all of the code will be new, but a lot of it will be. The old program will still be available and updated.

New Website

I’ve decided to update my software website to WordPress and bring it up to date, most of the content is identical to the old site, and it still needs further updates which I am doing right now. I also thought it was best to stick it on one domain with my personal site as well. So rather than going to www.erasersoft.com you go to www.matthewhutton.com/software instead.

I hope you enjoy the new site.