D&D Manager 2.3.1 released

Earlier today I released D&D Manager 2.3.1 and this can be downloaded from the sidebar on the left hand side or from the downloads page.

Thanks to Lester Ward for reporting an issue fixed in this release.

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  1. hi, I’m trying to download the manager version 2.3.1, but everytime I click it, it tells me that the page no longer exists or has been moved. Could you help me clear up the problem? I’d really appreciate it. This program looks very cool and I’d very much like to give it a try! Thanks!

  2. When I level up, it seems to put a negative number for both Attacks, and Attr. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

  3. In the Battle screens, it used to be possible to edit the initiative rolls of the players (my players like to roll their own). This seems to have been removed. What’s the proper way to override an initiative roll by a player-made one?

    Also, could you create a new blog message about your plans for supporting Pathfinder, if any? You can mess with some of the class definitions to get part of the way there, but other things (like changes to the way skills are counted) don’t seem to have existing solutions.

  4. Seconding the question about customising of Initiative, my players may rebel if I don’t allow them to roll their own dice… thanks for the awesome program!

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