Pathfinder: Updated

I’ve been taking a look at the rules for Pathfinder and so far I can’t see any significant differences from 3.5 D&D. I’ve taken a look at Wikipedia and it seems to be more informative, I’m making progress!

So far it looks pretty similar, but I guess some new data will need to be provided.

I’ll have to make some changes to the classes and skills and I’ll take a look at that over the next few weeks.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I need to change.

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  1. There is a conversion guide here that makes things a bit more clear:

    Things I’ve run into trying to use DDM for Pathfinder:

    * Feat progression different (controllable by setting in preferences)
    * Three different “flavors” of XP progression.
    * Skill points work differently. (No x4 at first level, automatic +3 for any training in skilled.)
    * Spell progressions are different (editable in class editor)
    * Class editor doesn’t handle prestige classes very well (saves get all messed up, because prestige classes follow a different saving throw pattern than normal classes; often contain “+1 to existing spell casting class” for some levels, but no way to handle this).
    * Cleave works differently.
    * Channeling energy (“turning undead”) works differently.
    * Bonus “types” are a bit more complete and thought out, but software still doesn’t track them (e.g. special abilities or spells that provide a “deflection bonus to AC” don’t stack with, say, magic items that provide a “deflection bonus to AC”, but do stack with magic items that provide an “armor bonus to AC”. But no way to enter this type of thing.)
    * Concentration rolls now different.

  2. I mailed some of these, but thought I’d put them here for posterity:

    * Cantrips generally can be cast infinitely many times per day now.
    * Sorcerers have bloodlines now, which changes their feat count and spell choices.
    * Some gear now has the notion of “slots” (head, belt, hands, etc.).
    * Combat maneuver bonus and defense ratings.
    * Bards can use all Knowledge skills as untrained, but other characters can’t. The only way I see to handle this in D&D Manager is to make duplicate Knowledge skills only for bards, which is not ideal.

  3. That’s really interesting to me, we’ve been holding off making the jump to path finder (someone in our group had a fling with 4th ed, but had to conceed it was just a combat system for dungeon bashing in the end), and one of the things that put us all off is the prospect of having to read a book that was VERY similar to the 3.5 book (we get this same problem every time someone dcides to buy the new edition of warhammer- god knows why!- there’s nothing so boring as reading rules you already know with a fine tooth comb on the off chance that something has changed!)

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