Here’s a fairly full feature list of D&D Manager so you can see exactly what it does.

For Characters

  • NEW Any class, other than Cleric and Paladin can turn undead if you want it to.
  • NEW Characters can now have 3 spell domains.
  • NEW Natural Armour Support Added
  • Basic Stat support (including Attributes (Strength, Dexterity…), Saving Throws, Hit Points, Armour Class)
  • Ability to store temporary changes to Attributes
  • Resistance’s/Immunity and and Regeneration.
  • Multiple Attack Support
  • Characters can use Weapons or Attacks which allows monsters to use all their different attacks.
  • Weapons can have multiple attacks at the same time.
  • Melee and Ranged Attack Bonus
  • Initiative Bonus
  • Up to three Character Classes
  • Ability to turn/rebuke undead.
  • Skills
  • Feats and Special Abilities
  • Inventory and amount of gold
  • Notes, speed, known languages
  • Character portrait
  • Resting to allow spell, special ability and hit point recovery (either 1hp or to full health)

For Spells

  • NEW Base and Total Known spells can be calculated automatically from the character class.
  • Level dependent damage, range, duration and number of attacks
  • Saving throws, with customisable modifier.
  • Different Spell Levels for each class.
  • Variable Spell Casting Times
  • Information on Range, Damage, Duration, Casting Time, Area, Spell Components and a general description on casting and Range, Damage, Duration and Area when choosing targets.
  • Casting of spells in and out of battle.
  • Healing, Damage, Paralysis, Ability Changing and Summoning Spells are supported.
  • Custom character classes and domains can be used with spells.
  • Spells can last instantaneously, or for a longer period, and they can also be discharged in battle.
  • For Special Abilities and Feats
  • Uses per day
  • Ability to affect the character or targets.
  • Ability to affect targets based on alignment or type.
  • Casts a Spell, runs when an enemy dies or changes abilities for Characters, Spells and Weapons.

In Battle

  • Cast Spells.
  • Attack Enemies.
  • Change Feats and Weapons.
  • Activate Special Abilities.
  • Use Feats, with specific targets or groups of enemies.
  • Use Turn/Rebuke undead.
  • Wait for other characters.
  • Suffer Attacks of Opportunity.
  • View character information screen from feat and spell targets sheets.
  • Return to the Character Screen at any time for more advanced actions.
  • Edit the results rolled by the program for attacks and spells.
  • There is a surprise round at the beginning of combat.


  • NEW Printing Support Added.
  • NEW Can double-click items between tables
  • NEW Weapons have now been globalised and are no longer character dependant.
  • NEW Ammunition Support for ranged weapons has been added.
  • NEW Ammunition and Thrown Weapons are no longer infinite to make them follow the rules better, though all existing weapons keep unlimited uses.
  • NEW Weapons can now have a custom description option.
  • Designed for D&D 3.5 edition.
  • Spread XP among all characters in a party.
  • Roll Dice, with presets for d20 and d100.
  • Lists of character’s attributes.
  • Keeps Dungeon Master’s Notes.
  • Roll checks for attributes, saving throws and some skills.
  • Multiple Saved parties available for storing characters.
  • Sparkle Support for automatic updates.


  1. I only speak English well enough to translate so I can only do the preliminary (introductory) work so that D&D Manager is easy to translate into different languages – but so far noone has wanted to help me translate the program into any other languages so I haven’t bothered :(.

  2. Yes, ‘ive altrdy seen the page.. 😉
    I’m translating!
    But i discovered a bad thing… I can’t do “Find and Replace All” because it’ll replace also the Word inside the “comments” -> /* title=”word”*/
    Iz going to be a looong work.. 😀
    But i’m happy to help you in this project… I’m also watching the sources.. But i’ve no experience in

  3. Good to hear. I’ve been doing some work to add support for localisation in the code side of things. I’ll have a few more strings to post shortly. Any you don’t understand in the next block drop me an email, some of them will probably be difficult to understand :o.

  4. I see one deficiency:
    Where is a tutorial or manual? I am new to D&D Manager, and I am struggling to determine just how to use it… such as how do I create and add a character?


  5. Good point. Though for your issue it is said in grey when the program loads up (though there is some other confusing information too – I’ll remove it). You can add new character’s by pressing the plus box in the bottom right.

  6. Any idea on if you’ll put in a feature to add races? I’ve been using this for most of my d20 games using the v3.5 rules, not just good ol’ D7D but stuff like Warcraft and such. I’d love to have it be more accurate for multiple different genres.

  7. I noticed that there isn’t an option for Monstrous Humanoid as the character’s type. Any particular reason as to why you excluded it? I’ve been trying to figure out how to import my Thri-Kreen into the program.

  8. I’m getting involved in a 3.0 (not 3.5) game with some friends. Any idea how hard it would be to make the program 3.0 instead of 3.5?

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