Release Notes

Changes in Versions 2.3.x

Version 2.3 (8th February 2010)

  • Many bug fixes and minor feature additions

Changes in Versions 2.2.x

Version 2.2.7 (4th October 2009)

  • Gnome is now available as a ‘type’.
  • Fixed bug with multiple spell casting classes breaking the UI.

Version 2.2.6 (2nd September 2009)

  • Attacking table now doesn’t allow editing.
  • Attacker on higher ground/prone buttons now disable for ranged weapons.
  • Reversioned

Version 2.2.3 (21st June 2009)

  • Added support for masterwork weapons.
  • Fixed bug of updating base attack bonus/con HP bonus when a class is given.
  • Changing the character class now updates the attack bonus as appropriate.
  • Added better placeholders for some text when no character, spell or feat has been created.
  • Added auto support for sized weapons – this is switched off by default for old weapons and on by default for new ones.
  • Added ability to use dexterity bonus instead of strength for attack bonus.
  • Two handed weapons shouldn’t give extra strength bonus to attacks, just damage.
  • Misc supported feats are now checking for activeness in battle correctly.
  • Feats aren’t now deleted when characters are deleted – thanks to Ammon Clegg for reporting this issue.
  • When int mod is negative it now doesn’t apply to skills – thanks to Ammon Clegg for reporting this issue.
  • Weapon screen description is now grey backgrounded as it can’t be edited.
  • Paralysed characters can no longer perform attacks of opportunity.
  • Attacks of opportunity screen no longer displayed if no characters can perform them.
  • Increased width of the template column on the battle screen so the full title is displayed.
  • Search now works on battle screen.

Version 2.2.2 (16th March 2009)

  • A third character class now updates saving throws. Thanks to Go Endo for reporting this issue.
  • Light weapons now apply bonus when using two weapons correctly. Thanks to Pierre-Gildas Millon for reporting this issue.

Version 2.2.1 (23rd July 2008)

  • Now only allows attacking with more than one character.
  • Improved the reliability of the attack loading screen especially on Power PC/Tiger systems.
  • Improved reliability on PowerPC/Tiger systems by optimising the build less.
  • Displays a blank screen while loading some screens in the main window.

Changes in Version 2.2 (23rd July 2008)


  • Attack Screen massively streamlined/improved, thanks to Wordman and omnihedron for suggestions of how to improve this.
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements to attacks of opportunity as well
  • Added flat footed invisible and paralysed column to table on Attack screen.
  • Added concealment to the attack screen.
  • Flat Footed option changed to lose dexterity bonus option (which is disabled for flat footed characters).
  • Paralysed characters don’t get dexterity bonus on attacks.
  • Displays a message for characters who are immune to death when checking.
  • Attack of Opportunity system now doesn’t initially display a null message.
  • Second and subsequent attacks of opportunity that have been continued aren’t getting the number of hp remaining correct on the edit or normal description screens.
  • Displays a message and disables the attempted attack if hit points go negative from attacks of opportunity.
  • Displays the attack of opportunity sheet correctly for ranged weapons.
  • Display a message when processing for death (if required, i.e. feats to be disabled) even when no blurb should be displayed.
  • Attacks of opportunity now uses the character performing the attacks weapon and attack bonuses, it also takes armour class into account correctly.
  • Correctly displays total number of attacks in the blurb, and correctly calculates number of attacks when attacking.
  • Arrows/thrown weapons left should be displayed on the “edited” blurb.
  • Ammo attack bonus total display should ignore the bonus from characters.
  • Misc damage box in edit views now displays a minus number when damage is edited.
  • Feats such as Dodge are now applied to the numbers on the attack sheet.
  • Changing the range applies attack bonus correctly.

Other Changes

  • Given access to player info screen from the casting spell, turn undead and attack screens.
  • Merging now works for superweapons.
  • Two weapon properties are now present in the second row of attribute feats.
  • Player Info screen should now always select a row.
  • Allowed the user to cancel from turn undead screen.
  • Added invisible property to characters.
  • If the resolution is too low a warning will be displayed, typically a resolution of 1024 x 768 is required, though 1152 x 720 may well also work.
  • If natural AC is nil set it to zero.
  • Attributes bonus/base score reversed to make more sense.
  • Importing and overwriting now only overwrites the stuff included in the tables so it should actually work correctly.
  • Skills displays white text for selected rows when first responder.
  • Nothing now uses “missed” text to “guess” whether we have hit or missed with an attack/spell.
  • Half pass saving throw always applies changes to the misc damage.
  • If you are Rebuking undead that is displayed correctly when exitting battle.

Changes in Versions 2.1.x

Changes in Version 2.1.6 (10th July 2008)

  • The Feat Target window should be returned to correctly from the player info sheet as required.
  • Removed the data loss workaround on 10.5.3 or later as the underlying issue has been fixed.
  • Added defined constants to all files to reduce probability of bugs.
  • Displays a message as to why a weapon without ammo can’t be made the default. Suggested by Ullrich Reichenbach II.
  • Add ammo by default to a weapon when it is added to a character (if possible). Suggested by Ullrich Reichenbach II.
  • Added double tap add/remove to the character weapons table.
  • Don’t print “Choose…” for unchosen character classes.
  • Menus should now be updated correctly to allow casting of spells.
  • Updating Alignment changes turn/rebuke undead correctly, updated for existing files, this should display correctly on the battle screen.
  • Rebuking Undead should now actually work.
  • Turn/rebuke undead isn’t always detecting that it can work correctly, so the check has been removed.
  • Any initial selection when turning/rebuking undead is automatically cleared.

Changes in Version 2.1.5 (15th April 2008)

  • Allowed multiple characters to be added/removed from battle and then the surprise round at once.
  • Made sure printing is printing the critical hit values correctly. Thanks to Ace Jay for reporting this issue.
  • When spells are selected for a character with the arrow keys the buttons update, this was broken in version 2.1.4.
  • Bug fixed with parties, so that if there are too many of a temporary character added any excess characters are actually removed.
  • Added some of the tooltips on Weapons screen so damage for ammo is clarified, thanks to Ace Jay for pointing this out.
  • Speed of loading the character magic screen dramatically improved.
  • Clarified the wording Attack of Opportunity screen, thanks to Ace Jay for noticing this issue.
  • The main input window cannot now be resized as the UI didn’t resize very well.

Changes in Version 2.1.4 (1st April 2008)

  • Made ammo damage/damage bonus/attack bonus blue, so it is clearer.
  • Added ability to add/remove multiple spells from the spellbook. Thanks to Wordman for suggesting this feature.
  • Fixed bug with the number of hit dice box being 4000 pixels wide. Thanks to Wordman for finding this issue.
  • Improved the attack screen with total attack bonus (including range penalty). As well as the AC of the defender shown. Thanks to Wordman for ideas on improving this.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the current ammo in battle (or on the attack screen) didn’t update the weapon attack bonus correctly.
  • Added double tap add/remove to the surprise round chooser.
  • Removed bug stopping clearing of surprise property when removing it from the surprise list, and fixed other display bugs with the surprise panel.
  • For new users software update notification is enabled by default.

Changes in Version 2.1.3v2 (1st March 2008)

  • Missed that the file put up for download here or elsewhere was still the old version, this has now been updated with the new file. Note that the file offered for updating within D&D Manager worked fine. Thanks to Michael Hall for reporting this issue.

Changes in Version 2.1.3 (27th February 2008)

  • Cross class box displays the correct value on the character skill screen. Thanks to Larry Geyer for reporting this issue.
  • When skills are changed on the character class screen, cross class property is updated correctly.
  • TIGER ONLY Value and Weight can now be changed on the inventory screen. Thanks to Nathan Peterson-Bunker for reporting this issue.

Changes in Version 2.1.2 (22nd February 2008)

  • Display a note on first run about the data download, possibly merge software update setup into the same screen/s. Added a Data reminder for existing users.
  • Weapons don’t autocreate items if they aren’t needed.
  • Challenge Rating field moved to basics 1, deity moved to the other site of basics 2.
  • Feats no longer “activated” when they are removed from a character.
  • Feat changes shuffle down correctly.
  • Armour Check penalty altering for feats.
  • Hasted/Slowed can be enabled on the character screen.
  • Support Light/Medium/Heavy Loads thanks to Matthew Hanson for the idea.
  • Added option to import Character Classes as suggested by Heath Rezabek.
  • Fixed a crash when changing a character class for a character as found by Stefano Parmesan.
  • Updating character class names updates them correctly for their characters, always checks the names for duplicates. Found with help from Stefano Parmesan.
  • Add more info box for feats including description/linked weapons etc.
  • Feats can now apply damage bonus, range increments and extra attacks to weapons correctly.
  • Feats always disabled/re-enabled as required.
  • Magic bonus applied to damage. higher of two applied to ranged weapons with ammunition.
  • Higher of ammo/bow magic bonus applied to attack rolls.
  • One weapon feats work correctly.
  • Number of uses is setup correctly when adding feats to a character.
  • Setup weapon type affected correctly.
  • Feats can now be setup to allow characters to set weapons on a character-by-character basis.

Changes in Version 2.1.1 (27th January 2008)

  • Can now add/remove feats from a character with Double Click.
  • When importing an open document it is no longer closed afterwards.
  • Importing panel now has with Double Click add/remove as well as graphical UI improvements.
  • Skills other than the first can now be tested on the main screen, thanks to Christopher Flux for reporting the issue.
  • Weapon Bonus Die Damage Boxes not enabled for editing when they shouldn’t be.

Changes in Version 2.1 (19th January 2008)

  • Printing Support added. Only supports printing to US Letter or A4 paper. Thanks to John Mantooth and Russell Glober for the idea.
  • Option to configure the class skills for a specific character class.
  • Class Skills, Spell Classes, Spell Targets, Spellbook, Memorised Spells and Metamagic Feats allow add/remove by double clicking table entries.
  • The Global Feats, Skills and Weapons screens have been tidied up. Minor improvements also made to the Spells UI
  • Added support for inventory items with name, quantity and weight, these are added automatically for weapons. The old inventory is moved to the notes section.
  • File Load Times typically improved by 50% by removing unneeded error checking. This also means that version checking is never doubled up.
  • Some memory leaks, especially when closing documents are fixed.
  • Option to roll attribute points on the character screen.
  • Added Natural Armour to Armour Screen, move total AC elsewhere, thanks to VGZ on for the idea.
  • Size now choosable as Small/Medium/Large rather than a modifier. Values of files updated to only be -8,-4,-2,-1,0,1,2,4,8.
  • Changing weapon after running out of ammo works better.
  • The Resting Customisation Options now work correctly.
  • Resting resets feats, as well as special abilities.
  • Moved Backups to D&D Manager/saves.
  • Clear backup files from Preferences.
  • When Importing only displays item with the same name once.
  • Importing now displays ‘Please Wait’ screen while loading documents.
  • Enable class auto-control by default the first time a new class is added.
  • Spell Casting/Target tables are correctly not editable.
  • Double Clicking on a spell casts it.
  • Improved clearing of active events.
  • Added Skip Turn/Change Weapon to the basics screen in battle.
  • Allows Feats to have time based on attribute bonus.
  • Clears spell targets when cancelling a spell from targets sheet.
  • Allowed Feats to have number of uses chosen like spells, and activate in the code.
  • Added Total Uses to subfeats.
  • Metamagic Feats now can be activated on casting spells.
  • Metamagic Feats affecting Caster Level don’t add that to the spell level as well.

Changes in Versions 2.0.x

Changes in Version 2.0.7 v3 (15th January 2008)

  • Fixed bug preventing loading of version 1.x documents in version 2.0.7.

Changes in Version 2.0.7 v2 (2nd January 2008)

  • Fixed annoying feat activation bug when a feat is selected for characters.

Changes in Version 2.0.7 (1st January 2008)

  • Superskills now setup properties to subskills in all cases.
  • Superweapon weaponType originally set correctly.
  • Bonus Feats calculated correctly, and should never be -2147…

Changes in Version 2.0.6 (5th December 2007)

  • Data Wipe Bug while saving hopefully fixed.

Changes in Version 2.0.5 (1st December 2007)

  • Multiple Areas option for spells actually linked up in the interface.
  • Maximum/Minimum Spell level enforced on Spell Class Screen.
  • Cancelling from attack and reseting the character after character death is more reliable.
  • Ammo now actually changable in battle.
  • Ammo can be changed when attacking.
  • Added links from Global Feats/Skills/Weapons screens to the appropriate character screen.
  • Other minor improvements

Changes in Version 2.0.4v2 (19th November 2007)

  • Files can now be saved on exit without crashing the program afterwards.

Changes in Version 2.0.4 (18th November 2007)

  • Creates backup of existing file before saving/loading documents to alleviate the effects of a data loss bug found (at least under Mac OS X Leopard). Contact the developers at if this occurs to you.
  • Allows overwriting of existing Characters/Feats/Skills/Spells/Weapons when importing.
  • Heal/Harm spells can have multiple targets.
  • “Feat” spells can have limited targets.
  • Area of Effect Spells are allowed to have multiple areas.
  • More minor fixes and improvements to Spells and Feats.

Changes in Version 2.0.3 (10th November 2007)

  • Can switch to the global feats, skills and weapons screens with a button on the relevant character screens.
  • Fixed bug where characters might not get surprised cleared correctly.
  • Metamagic feats now work correctly, existing files upgraded accordingly.
  • Caster level adjustment for characters now affects the number of spells they can cast as required. Thanks to Go Endo for reporting this issue.
  • Improvements to Ammunition in and out of Battle.

Changes in Version 2.0.2v2 (4th November 2007)

  • Bug fixed so that feats can now have their targets chosen in battle.

Changes in Version 2.0.2 (3rd November 2007)

  • Added import all option to import screen.
  • Arrows redone with images.
  • Can now Search Character Classes.
  • When importing, skills and character classes that are added to files by default are added correctly.
  • Can now alter the casting level of a spell casting character as suggested by Go Endo.
  • Other minor improvements.

Changes in Version 2.0.1 (27th October 2007)

  • Battle can be exitted if there are broken event objects.
  • Can now import Weapons, Feats and Skills as well as Characters and Spells.
  • Importing redone to be easier to use.
  • Superskills can now be searched.
  • Tested and working on Mac OS X Leopard.

Changes in Version 2.0 v2 (24th October 2007)

  • Character Class Screen can now be accessed directly from the character screen.

For information on the changes from the 2.0 beta releases click here

Changes in Version 2.0 (23rd October 2007)


  • New UI featuring a toolbar at the top to access most common actions.
  • The Adjustments tab in battle has been relabelled Character Changes to make its function more obvious.
  • Any class, other than Cleric and Paladin can in theory turn undead.
  • Turn Undead options now hidden for incompatable classes.
  • New and Improved Application Icon, thanks to Jordan Lucke.
  • Other minor changes.


  • Feats and Special Abilities have now been globalised and are no longer character dependant.
  • Feats and Special Abilities now share a pane on the character screen.
  • Feats can have more advanced duration properties.
  • Feats and Special Abilities are now separated by colour, feats are counted to make sure a character has the correct number, a character can have unlimited special abilities.
  • Other Minor Issues fixed.


  • Skills have now been globalised and are no longer character dependant.
  • All skills can now be tested on the character testing screen.
  • Skills are now black for class skills and grey for non-class skills, ranked skills are bold.
  • Similar superskills can be merged together
  • Skills are intelligently upgraded to work with the new superskill system. These superskills are also added to existing files.
  • Untrained Skills are added to existing characters.
  • Rank of trained skills now must be at least one, the rank of untrained skills must be at least zero.


  • Base and Total Known Spells per day are setup automatically if the character is set to configure saving throws and base attack bonus automatically.
  • Base and Total Known Spells per day information is stored on the character class screen.
  • Can now have three domain spells. Thanks to Brian Pascal for this idea.
  • Can now have miscellaneous known spells


  • Weapons have now been globalised and are no longer character dependant.
  • Ammunition Support for ranged weapons has been added.
  • Ammunition and Thrown Weapons are no longer infinite to make them follow the rules better, though all existing weapons keep unlimited uses.
  • Attacks per round made clearer.
  • Colour is used to improve the display of main and off hand weapons.
  • Weapons can now have a custom description option.
  • The in battle change weapons sheet has been improved.

Changes in Version 2.0 Betas

For information to changes in versions 2.0.x click here.

Changes in 2.0 Final (23rd October 2007)

  • Reliability of character class choosers improved.
  • Turn Undead defaults to 3 uses/day.
  • Turn Undead Check Bonus defaults to zero.
  • Turn Undead Caster level not getting setup.
  • Excess buttons along the bottom of the battle setup screen removed.
  • Improvements to display of total number of feats for a character.
  • Merging Skill/Feat/Weapon buttons disabled correctly to start with.
  • Skill tests on the character screen now working properly.
  • Attribute/saving throw/skill tests are now logged as suggested by John Mantooth.

Changes in 2.0 Beta 4 (21st October 2007)

  • In Battle postive attack bonuses have a + prefix.
  • Battles should now start correctly.
  • Skills are now sorted into alphabetical order on the battle property testing screen.
  • Can now activate/deactivate feats correctly in battle.
  • Active Feats are created as required in battle.
  • When removing/deactivating a subfeat, attached active feats are deactivated (and deleted) as required.
  • Now switches ammo types and displays message when using final piece of ammo.
  • Can now switch ammo type in battle.
  • Feat after affects panel now works.
  • If you add a feat with after effects those are added to the character as well.
  • Removes attached previous feats upon removing feats.
  • Feats can now switch durations correctly.
  • Add/Remove Buttons on the character feats screen are activated/deactivated as required.
  • Subfeat boxes cleared if no subfeat selected.
  • On the characters screen updating number of uses for a feat works correctly.
  • Bug fixed so that Single-weapon based feats should now work correctly.
  • Can now Search through Weapons.
  • Global Weapon Magic Bonus updates attack bonus correctly.
  • AmmoType is set to zero by default.
  • New Document Icon made to match the application icon.

Changes in 2.0 Beta 3 (20th October 2007)

  • New character window no longer needs saving when first created.
  • Blank character window no longer shows turn undead options.
  • Feat merging now possible.
  • Max range feats should now work correctly.
  • Dexterity based feats now work.
  • Subfeats can now be added and removed.
  • Subfeats can now be activated and deactivated.
  • Special Abilities aren’t be active by default.
  • Sparkle fails if the internal application name is changed, the internal name has been changed to D&D Manager so this version will be Sparkle Updatable to the final version.
  • Special Abilities should use up a use (as required) when they are activated.
  • Special Abilities cannot activate if they don’t have any uses left.
  • “Print Sheet” Menu Item Removed.
  • New Icon Added, thanks to Jordan Lucke.

Changes in 2.0 Beta 2 (19th October 2007)

  • Missing Modifier options added to menus on the feats screen.
  • Ability to merge feats added.
  • Character feats screen works better/properly.
  • Feats activated and deactivated when adding/removing feats.

Changes in 2.0 Beta 1 (17th October 2007)

  • Initial Release

The list of major changes in D&D Manager version 2.0 is here.

Changes in Version 1.3.x

Changes in Version 1.3.13 (20th October 2007)

  • Dexterity based feats now work correctly.

Changes in Version 1.3.12 (28th September 2007)

  • Unlike version 1.3.11 this version actually starts up. Thanks to Chris Redford for reporting this issue.
  • Fixed a crash on Intel Machines when adding a first class to a new Spell. Thanks to Patti Devlin for reporting this issue.
  • Rather than giving a blank level, the lowest possible level is given for new classes for a spell.
  • Fixed a UI bug when adding and then removing a class to a spell.

Changes in Version 1.3.10 (25th August 2007)

  • Classes auto-controlled from level up screen set base attack values.
  • Sets the initial new spell level to the average of the existing ones.
  • Spell damage/duration/number of attacks/range description improved.
  • Bonus Weapon Damage type now will actually work properly when used.
  • Added End Round Button to the bottom of the battle screen.
  • Can now cancel from the first in a series of attacks.
  • Base attack bonus and saving throws now stop increasing at level 20 if the constitution bonus does, thanks to Albert Kammerer for this information.
  • Running D&D Manger on Leopard now shouldn’t claim to be 10.4.9 or lower, though as I don’t have a copy there may be other bugs.
  • The XP Granter allows per character XP
  • Disabling/enabling the surprise round now works from preferences.

Changes in Version 1.3.9 (24th July 2007)

  • Range chooser for spells now works correctly.
  • Skill points no longer get a x4 bonus at first level for secondary classes.

Changes in version 1.3.8 (15th July 2007)

  • Made sure characters are paralysed correctly when that spell option is chosen.
  • Damage/Feat spells return to the character screen as required.
  • Characters copied on the character screen are no longer added to the list twice.
  • Buttons that aren’t applicable for the current character are disabled in battle.
  • Test Skill replaced with Test Attribute, so saving throws and attributes can also be tested.
  • Spell’s with a range of “Personal” now get an explanatory line saying what the spell is.

Changes made in version 1.3.7 (10th July 2007)

  • When the preference to clear the log is enabled, it is done when the document is closed.
  • Displays the change weapon sheet in battle correctly.
  • Displays the special ability sheet in battle correctly.
  • The hit points display has been redone so it is clearer.
  • Feat information can now actually be entered on the edit character classes sheet.

Changes in version 1.3.6 (9th July 2007)

  • Main display is now updated when a new character is created.
  • Bug fixed with the Battle Screen from Version 1.3.4 which made the window resize miss the bottom row of commands.

Changes in version 1.3.5 (4th July 2007)

  • Surprised property now disabled for characters when exiting battle.
  • Improved importing, spells are imported correctly and to remove possible crashing when importing characters and to not import Parties, also controls importing of “spell like” objects to avoid duplicating existing ones.
  • Clears out existing duplicate domains spell classes and spells.
  • Added the Spell Penetration property.
  • Allowed feats to affect Spell Resistance and Spell Penetration.
  • The system requirement of 10.4.9 is now enforced in the code. (It would just crash anyhow).
  • Stopped the duplicate log posting of events.
  • The program is set to clear the battle log upon exit if it hasn’t been configured.
  • Domains on the magic screen now have a prettier interface and use the global domain values.

Changes in version 1.3.4 (30th June 2007)

  • Constitution HP bonus updated correctly the first time the constitution score is entered.
  • Quick character creation sheet has character class working correctly and can setup automation of base attack etc.
  • New number of skill points and feats is listed on the level up sheet too.
  • Misc/Total Feats now defaults to 1 (changed for existing characters with no value).
  • Number of skill points left to distribute is now displayed on the skills screen, rank points are taken away twice from this figure for cross class skills. Thanks to Albert Kammerer for this idea.
  • Improvements made to duplicate character class choosing, and choosing a class for the first time.
  • Add interface link to file options.
  • Stopped it losing the file’s location when converting and saving a backup.
  • Added Spell Save Modifier (while casting) property to characters.
  • Temporary character hit points can also have a changed rolling type.
  • A bug has been fixed making temporary characters get their constitution bonus added properly.
  • Level Adjustment text field now works.
  • Exit and Return buttons have now been added to the bottom of the battle screen.

Changes in version 1.3.3 (27th June 2007)

  • You can now stop constitution bonus at level 20 on a file-by-file basis. Thanks to Albert Kammerer for this idea.
  • Hit points are rolled automatically when a characters level is increased.
  • A box has been added to the feats screen telling you how many feats you have.
  • Base attack and base save scores can be calculated based on level. Thanks to Albert Kammerer for this idea.
  • Menu activation has been improved.

Changes in version 1.3.2 (24th June 2007)

  • Attack and Cast Spell menu items connected to their actions.
  • Cannot now use a ranged weapon over the max. range for the weapon.
  • Added Cover to attack screen.
  • Added Flanking to attack screen.
  • Added a feat option to allow characters to be immune to flanking.
  • Improved Skill Points/Character Display.
  • +5 attack added vs paralysed characters.
  • Sorts characters by name when attacking or casting a spell from the main screen.
  • Refreshing the attack table now displays the correct characters.
  • It is now actually possible to attack paralysed characters.

Changes in version 1.3.1 (23rd June 2007)

New Features

  • Surprise Round now added at the beginning of a battle.
  • Custom Character Classes can now be created.
  • Spells now can have custom character classes.
  • Spells can do double damage to certain types of monster.
  • Spells can now only damage certain types of monster.
  • Spells now more customisable.
  • Spells and feats can now effect All Skills and All Saving throws, thanks to Go Endo for the idea.
  • Character Menu added for character related actions.
  • All buttons on the bottom of the main window now have menu equivalents.
  • Improved file conversion for files which only contain spells and conversion now works properly for files containing ” s.
  • New characters and spells have a number added to the end if you add more than one at a time.
  • Added weblinks to my website in the Applications Menu.
  • Domain Spells now share a table with other memorised spells, and layout of character magic screen has been improved.
  • Metamagic feat screen has been improved so it is easier to use.

Issues fixed

  • File Conversion now occurs on program launch rather than when a character/spell is selected.
  • Improved licence display (so screen doesn’t start white).
  • Characters can no longer have two classes that are the same.
  • Fixed bug which could cause Metamagic feats box to display when not suitable.
  • Fixed bug which causes x value boxes to be enabled for a feat with max as the effect.
  • Display character classes sheet for custom character classes on first run of this version.
  • Returns to memorised tab selection if no change is made to the selection and a character which doesn’t memorise has been selected in the meantime.
  • Model is now versioned in the metadata, and version detection is improved.
  • Spells which only are domain spells and aren’t class spells are available to be chosen.
  • Import Screen has additional polish and now import tables can be refreshed.
  • Issue fixed which could cause extra (but broken) current/active event objects to be copied to a new file.
  • Druids can now use metamagic feats.
  • Improved random number generation by using random() instead of rand().
  • ‘Feat like’ spells now actually work in battle.
  • Summoned characters now removed when summoning spell finishes.
  • Feats don’t now deactivate when they change types.
  • Metamagic feats can now be used by Druids for Spontaneous casting.
  • Temporary characters get the hit points to include any constitution bonus
  • Sorted a bug which allows a document to be reloaded when in battle.
  • Displays a message for current events from pre-cast spells.
  • Disposes immediately of current events from those spells.

Changes in version 1.2.x

Changes in version 1.2.7 (1st June 2007)

  • Any characters with a class of Sorcerer now have a correctly named version.
  • Sorcerer spelt correctly throughout.
  • Bug fixed which stopped domain spells from being memorisable, thanks to Go Endo for finding the bug.

Changes in version 1.2.6 (20th May 2007)

  • Note that this update is strongly recommended as without it the Battle Simulator or Character Tester may not work correctly.
  • Fixed a silly bug with character creation so quick-creation of characters now works.
  • Concentration, Listen, Search, Spot skills are again added automatically to characters.
  • A weapon added to new characters by default.
  • Character Portraits are now imported correctly, thanks to Barb Odanaka for finding the bug.
  • These fixes are applied automatically to existing characters without such properties.

Changes in version 1.2.5 (16th May 2007)

  • Now released under the GPL licence.
  • Centred the main screen so it isn’t partially off the display.

Changes in version 1.2.4 (15th May 2007)

  • Added the option to edit the damage/healing caused by attacks and spells.
  • Added some options along the bottom to the “Actions” menu and given them keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed issue where label of area of effect type wouldn’t always change.
  • Added Divine Focus option for spells.
  • Added “None” option for saving throw types.
  • Added a Challenge Rating property for characters.
  • Added d20 and d100 presets for dice rolls.
  • Bug fixed where blank spell descriptions weren’t updated on the spell casting screen.
  • Bug fixed which caused critical hits immunity not to work correctly.
  • Made add/remove/edit buttons on the DM Notes screen work.
  • Tidied up the battle tables a bit.

Changes in version 1.2.3 (6th May 2007)

  • Linked up Spell Resistance so ticking the box now actually affects the underlying spell.
  • Improved spell result message content.
  • Added Logging of events as suggested by John Mantooth.
  • Improved Preferences Layout.
  • Fixed some spell level bugs in the spell processing code.
  • Fixed a bug which might stop spells being cast correctly and screw up the visible characters.
  • Fixed a bug which might stop multiple characters being added as targets for area of effect spells.
  • Fixed a bug which might stop characters spells being displayed correctly.
  • Improved wording of cancel button on attack screen to skip the attack as that is what happens.

Changes in version 1.2.2 (5th May 2007)

  • Adds toggle to list active attack targets.
  • Adds toggles to list friends/enemies or active feat targets.
  • Made sure magic information is displayed, even for characters with multiple spellcasting classes.
  • Displays messages for Sourcerers and bards if they have too many or too few spells in their spellbooks.
  • Removed option to save files in a non backwards compatible version of the .quest format.

Changes in version 1.2.1 (27th April 2007)

  • Removed the inevitable extra NSLog’s that I forgot to remove.
  • Resized some of the buttons on the bottom so they are all the same size.
  • Removed the boxes from the character tables.

Changes in version 1.2 (25th April 2007)

New Features

  • Allows Import of characters and spells from other open files.
  • Quick Character Creation Sheet.
  • Allows creation of parties which allow different characters to be added to each side in battle much more quickly.
  • Concentration after casting now enabled by default for applicable spells.
  • Improved display of range information on Spell setup screen.
  • Improved display of area of effect information on Spell setup screen, on spell casting and target screens.
  • Displays the damage dice for the spell on the spell target screen.
  • Added Spell Schools for informational purposes.
  • When temporary characters are removed from a party they are deleted forever.
  • Druids can cast summoning spells spontaneously.
  • Summoning Possibilities text field merged with the spell description field, and description converted from NSData to NSString type (so it’s stored as plain text in the file).
  • “Plus Weapon” changes for weapons changes the attack and damage bonus values.
  • A relationship between temp characters and their templates has been added.
  • Options at the bottom moved into a button on the left hand side for spells to give extra space for the options.
  • The Player Information Sheet can be viewed from the Feat and Spell Targets sheets.
  • To improve performance character portraits are now stored in their own object.

Issues Fixed

  • Bug in minimum version check code found so it wasn’t working, now files have a new extension so they won’t open with the old version.
  • Duplication code improved (and *much* less buggy).
  • Possible bug with enabling/disabling buttons on battle screen fixed.
  • Disables To/From Domain spells button as required.
  • Identification improved for temporary and duplicated characters.
  • Bug fixed where immunity value editing isn’t always re-enabled as required.
  • You cannot have a vulnerability to Death or Critical Hits as every character has those by default.
  • When XP is granted, using the Grant XP sheet the too low/too high XP messages are displayed as required.
  • Various object Relationship improvements for when objects are deleted.
  • When a search is conducted some additional options are set up correctly
  • With multiple spell casting classes the options look better.
  • On the cast spell sheet the text boxes are now grey and uneditable as they should be.
  • Improved the auto naming of temporary characters so it is impossible for two characters to be given the same number.
  • The magic section for characters now supports multiple spell casters better.
  • Now deletes Character spell stuff when a character spell class is removed (with warning).
  • Improved cancel wording on the spell targets screen.

Changes in version 1.0.x

Changes in version 1.0.9 (16th April 2007)

  • Forward Compatability Attempted but never realised.

Changes in version 1.0.8 (13th April 2007)

  • Fixed a bug where permanent spells display as instantaneous ones, and fixed spelling of permanent throughout.

Changes in version 1.0.7 (9th April 2007)

  • Buttons on same row as hasted/slowed are disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where exiting battle out of combat caused the programs menus to become unresponsive.
  • Now able to duplicate characters.

Changes in version 1.0.6 (8th April 2007)

  • Temporary characters aren’t deleted when a new battle is started without exiting a previous old battle beforehand.
  • Some more buttons are disabled as required.

Changes in version 1.0.5 (7th April 2007)

  • If the casting spell screen is cancelled when casting from the main window, a battle isn’t attempted to be run.
  • To fix an apparently binding related bug with the attack and spell targets screens I have removed bindings from those screens.
  • Spells which run for multiple rounds and don’t need new targets now actually target their spells after the first round.
  • Add/remove from battle buttons are disabled when they are unavailable.
  • A minimum version check on files is made so that newer files cannot be loaded on older versions of the program if they aren’t compatible.

Changes in version 1.0.4 (3rd April 2007)

  • Fixed bug where death message could infinitely cycle.
  • Current Events are now deleted on exiting battle.
  • Spell target sheet working for 2nd and later rounds of a spell.
  • Magic views for characters now reloaded on a character search.
  • Spell saving throws should now work correctly.

Changes in version 1.0.3 (3rd April 2007)

  • When using templates and duplicating them, the correct weapon is set as the default, rather than a random one.

Changes in version 1.0.2 (3rd April 2007)

  • After casting a summoning spell, only characters added with that edit as assumed to be summoned.
  • When a character goes below 0 hit points a message is displayed as appropriate.
  • Spell Target sheet now displays correctly in battle.
  • Improved the text and clarified the buttons on the Attack of Opportunity sheet.
  • Weapons with bonus dice damage now work correctly.
  • Debugging uses of NSLog removed from two additional class files.
  • Important Logs are once again made to the console (removed with debugging logs in 1.0.1)
  • A bug involving the NSManagedObjectContext not being found in battle is now fixed.
  • The correct character is now found when setting up the battle display.

Changes in version 1.0.1 (1st April 2007)

  • Commented out occurrences of NSLog so that nothing is logged to the console.

Changes in version 1.0 (1st April 2007)

  • Initial Release

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