The application includes Sparkle so updates are handled automatically, so you should only have to access this page once. You can also email me at with any bugs, feature requests or comments, or you can file them on the Sourceforge page for the project.

This software is available under the GNU GPL Licence, the source code is available for download from the source page.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Tiger) or later for Power PC or Intel Macs.

If you are unsure about what version you are running, going to the Apple Menu (the Apple in the top left) and then About this Mac will give you the relevant information.

Version 2.2.x Releases

To download the program click on the title bar.

Legacy Releases

Only a small number of older versions are provided in the case where they are useful.

Previous releases

Previous releases are no longer available for download, for information about them, please see the release notes page.


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  2. Hello Mathew.

    Im realy interested in your programs they look realy good, but as im sure U have been asked….is there windose vertion?

    I cant aford to buy a new PC…
    I realy wont to see the Spell Book & D&D manager programes in action…But…

    I hope this Mail find U Well & in good spirits.


    (PS im sory if this is over the 100th time U have been asked this.)

  3. I just wanted to let you know that i tried to download this today and when i went to use it, it wouldn’t even let me type in my character’s name!! Apparently this is only on the Basics 1 page as i tried on the others and it worked just fine.

    this looks great and i would love to use this once it’s fixed 🙂

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  5. Pretty good program, but I am killing myself in frustration with creating special abilities/feats that directly affect weapon damage according to rolls of the die. Created a lvl 8 Rogue, and trying to designate the special ability “Sneak Attack” to automatically add 4d6 damage when the feat is activated and the character makes a successful attack roll. Layout is a bit limited to creating feats.
    Any chance where I can find a package of all the feats/special abilities listed in PHB 3.5? I am still new to the program.

  6. This program looks very great but i’m french and it’s hard for me to understand evrything is write so does it exist an traduction for it ? Or how can i create a new language file ?

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