D&D Manager 4th Edition code on Sourceforge

I started doing some work on the version of D&D Manager for 4th edition D&D as a separate program as there are a fair few changes from 3.5 edition. But although I will be contributing and working on it a bit I don’t have time to do the whole project on my own (or it will take a long time – like a year or so). So if you’re interested in helping let me know by email.

The code is viewable online at: dd-manager.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/dd-manager/4-ed/ and it can (probably) be downloaded if you have svn installed with:

svn co http://dd-manager.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dd-manager/4-ed/ dd-manager-4ed

D&D 4th Edition

After my trip I finally picked up the 4th edition D&D book, and the new game looks a lot simpler. But I’m not sure I’m a total fan yet – all the powers seem a bit much. However it also seems to have made enough changes from 3.5th edition that really I need to create a new application.

Now obviously not all of the code will be new, but a lot of it will be. The old program will still be available and updated.

D&D 4th Edition

I’ve heard that D&D 4th Edition has been released in the past couple of weeks and I’ve recieved a couple of emails on the subject. Unfortunately I don’t think I will personally be updating D&D Manager to 4th edition as I don’t really have the time to update it and soon I’m going travelling for 6 months.

I am happy to work with anyone who wishes to update D&D Manager to 4th edition D&D and I will aim to respond to any questions you have on the source code promptly.

At the moment I have been tidying up the code for D&D Manager (a bit like what Apple is planning for Snow Leopard) and

PS If you want to translate D&D Manager to another language I’m happy to provide assistence there too.

PPS As I’m going travelling any bug reports you have are definitely welcome.