After arriving yesterday in Chicago I went out in the evening with some friends and we went to a Chicago pizza restaurant called gramaldies then we headed to a bar with live music called the Hideout which was hidden away in an industrial district in northern Chicago.

Then the next day I went to watch the chicago air show with one of my friends we then headed down to millenium park and saw the bean sculpture and the Chicago Tribune building which contains parts of many other buildings in its construction. The day was fun but I managed to get subcream in my eye after buying own brand suncream which even though it cost $8 it was actually rubbish!

Then we went to a bar called Moody’s in northern Chicago which served Chicagos best burgers so I of course had one and it was pretty damn good.

We also had a chat about the US, my friend was telling me about his trip west of the Missisippi in the US. He went on the train ad was shocked at the standard of housing there and said that they essentially lived in shacks, he was surprised if they have running water! He also said that the houses in Flint Michigan in Michael Moores film fahenheit 9/11 are good by comparison; as Flint looks like an Aftican state after a war you can’t imagine what it’s like there.

Then this morning I completed a few chores before heading to the Aquarium, it seems pretty good though it is expensive at $25 also the cages seem much smaller than at aquariums in Europe. They do serve lunch for less than $10 though which is a miracle in itself.

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