Washington DC part 1

After New York I flew to Washington DC. However due to the plane being late it would have been quicker on the bus (and even though I only pay taxes probably cheaper too!). Once in Washington I got the metro to my mother cousins house where I was staying. The train was definitely nicer than New York too. Once I was there I was a little tired after my fairly extensive nights out in NY so I spent the morning asleep. After that in the afternoon we went to the air and space museum near Dulles airport which was a good afternoon out. There we saw a great IMAX movie called “Forces of nature”.

Then today I went into wasington itself seeing the Vietnam Memorial, the Lincoln memorial and the statue of einstien in the morning. Then after an excellent French lunch with the people I’m staying with I went back into the centre of Washington to see the library of congress which was very impressive.┬áIt had a rocky start; it was torched in 1812 by the British when they invaded Washington. At which point they bought Thomas Jeffersons library (he had the US’s biggest private collection) for nearly $25000. After that there was a further fire in 1851 which destroyed 2/3 of the books so they bought the fire protection up to scratch and in 1897 they gave the library its own building. There were also some other exhibitions on old maps and the bill of rights which were also very interesting. After that I wandered around the park and then went out with my dads friends for dinner. We went to an excellent Asian restuarant and I had sushi which was really good.

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