Washington National Airport

So this morning we went to Great Falls near Washington to see a waterfall which was pretty impressive before heading to the airport. Then once I’d arrived and before I’d even checked in a delay was announced to my flight giving American a 100% delay record so far. Even Virgin trains usually beats that!

Anyhow with 3 hours to kill before the flight I went to the bookstore. First I found the rough guide to England so I checked out the entry for Oxford. It mentioned all the sensible sites to see such as christ church and the Radcliffe camera. It also mentioned quite a few pubs including all the good ones I like and the Bear which is 1 block south of high street a short way from the centre. This was their favourite and I’d be curious to know what it’s like. The other interesting book was the international book of sex wbich included such great chat up lines as “Do you come here often?” and “is it hot in here or is it just you?” in several languages. I was tempted to buy it for comedic value but it was clearly well fingered. Then I had a meal in an airport restaurant that looked good until I tasted the food!

Now I’m off to the gate hopefully my flight won’t be delayed further.

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