Facebook lameness

So I was trying to do a Facebook search for some people I’d met while travelling whom I didn’t have full details for and I found you can’t do Facebook advanced search anymore. Now I know that this is down to perverts using advanced search to find women to send innapproppriate messages or even penis pictures to (I know some women online whom I’ve met in person and they do recieve stuff like this. I’m not just being paranoid.). But it’s a damn shame that it’s blocked for the rest of us who aren’t perverts.

At the same time I also tried searching for my website on Facebook and that doesn’t work. Sorry to those people whom I gave my website out as “contact information” the link on the about/contact page of this site *does* link to my Facebook profile correctly (I’ve checked it today) so you can use that if you want.

In other news I seem to be scared of social interaction today. I’m not 16 anymore. This is lame.

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