Sickness and Spanish

So I didn’t go to my Spanish lesson on Thursday after all. On Wednesday after realizing I’d only been taking half the dose for my antibiotics I took the proper dose for the first time (I’d been taking 1 pill not 2 every 8 hours). Unfortunately then things took a turn for the worse and after I couldn’t finish my dinner I was sick so I took a Benedryl and woke up feeling fine. However that was not to last by the afternoon I was itching all over and I realized I had a rash. So I rushed to hospital in a taxi where I was prescribed my own benedryl (anti-histemene) and steroids. Then fortunately within an hour or so I was feeling fine so I thought no more of it. I was more concerned with not drinking at the bar at the hostel that night (which was worryingly hard; like asking the first girl I cared about out but I pulled through ok)

Then the next day after a good sleep I was still ok and went shopping, then to the Indian embassy to pick up my visa and finally to see Tropical Thunder which is a film best described as fun. Though in true hollywood style it had holes the size of oceans in the plot for one by making the geographical error that Myanmar is next to Laos. Thailand of course fails to exist in between. Fortunately also the film was subtitled so I could understand most of it. However after getting back to the hostel and grabbing dinner on the way I came down with another rash.

This lead to another hospital trip and being given fluids and as it didn’t clear up as quickly a stay overnight. Then this morning I went to find some quieter accommodation in the suburbs for tonight so I’ve done that and after an afternoon rest I am now feeling better so hopefully I can get some supper and will be feeling cured tomorrow.

Hopefully also I’ll be able to continue my Spanish lessons on Monday for the rest of the week.

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