Cuy and the final day in Cusco

Today us my last day in Cusco. I got up at 9am and had breakfast. Then after that I headed up to Saqsaywaman which is an inca site just above cusco which I had missed earlier in the week. It was pretty impressive even after seeing Machu Picchu and it was basically a fort overlooking Cusco itself. Though it also had farming terraces and a theatre. After that I headed down the road to the Jesus statue overlooking the city before walking down a different route into the city itself. By that point I was hungry and I went to a restaurant that was the earning wing of a charitable organisation running after school clubs called Aldea Yanapay (that definitely seems like the way to run a charity – the food was also no more expensive that elsewhere and excellent.)

Then in the afternoon I spent several hours uploading photos to Flickr (they haven’t all been sorted through and named yet – I’ll post when that is done.) and then went to the regional museum that would have been good had it had descriptions of the objects – even if they were only in Spanish.

After that I packed my case putting my cold weather clothes at the bottom of my bag so it is now finally sensibly packed (as anyone whose travelled with me knows I usually end up emptying my bag in every place I visit.)

Then I had dinner at Pacha Papa on San Blas square in Cusco. For that I had some Cuy (Guinea Pig). Unlike the Cuy rat I had in Arequipa which tasted like duck this tasted completely different from any meat I had tasted before. I also had some fermented corn beer with the meal which is made by eating the corn and spitting it out again. I wasn’t allowed a full portion as it makes some people sick but I did get a sample to taste. It is well worth trying and it has quite a subtle flavour (though it got stronger in the glass) and especially it doesn’t taste of hops like normal beer.

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  1. lol, I knew the original cuy was a rat! Still, it means you have now tried 2 new kinds of meat!

    I’m actually a bit disappointed I missed the corn beer, it sounds interesting.

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