Kuala Lumpur: First Impressions

I decided to come to Kuala Lumpur (or KL as it is often known.) on a fairly last minute basis. I was planning to go to Penang in the north of Malaysia but I hadn’t arranged my onward transport to KL and it was otherwise going to be a bit close to Chinese New Year for comfort.

The bus was a little quicker than expected taking just over 4 hours to reach the bus station in KL (which is being rebuilt so we got off outside.) then there was the usual attempt to overcharge with the taxi which I avoided by catching the bus instead – this did seem to be shocking to some of the passengers who didn’t seem to realize that we have buses in Europe too. Then I checked into my accommodation and then continued to read my book before having some lunch at the shopping centre across the road. I had a dish with Japanese noodles and a Chinese sauce which as great. To eat it I was given a spoon and fork but to be honest I find chopsticks easier to eat noodles so that I asked for them instead. To be honest I think it was an attempt to just be more western as when I’d finished my meal everyone else seemed to be using them to whereas beforehand they all seemed to be using a spoon and fork.

After this I went to the cinema to while away the afternoon before supper. I saw the film four Christmases as it looked like a bit of shallow fun. It was actually very amusing though not exactly the best film I’ve ever seen. It did have a good message which reiterated the point that being able to communicate was the basis for any good relationship.

I did also get a bit of a feel for the city. There is a lot of half finished construction and some stuff is first world and some really isn’t it’s definitely an interesting mix. It does feel very multicultural but it does feel like the Chinese are running the show – though it may be the time of year. It does feel a bit like an inferior Singapore which is interesting but it also seems to be more influenced by the west than maybe it should. We certainly aren’t the best at everything – chopsticks are better for noodles for example :p.