Getting seriously weirded out here in India

I’m getting seriously weirded out in Delhi India by my accommodation (Smyle Inn) practically forcing me to book tours with them (and blatently saying “when are you booking a tour with us”, never seen that before.)

Many other people seem to be acting very strangely and pushing far heavier than I’ve seen before (even in South America, Thailand and Vietnam.).

PS I’ll keep you guys updated.

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  1. I booked it on Hostelworld, and its probably kinda recommended by the Rough Guide as well.

    My new accommodation is fine, but more fucked up stuff has happened (shit dropped on shoes) so I’m leaving to go to Singapore.

    Oh and any comparison between India and Vietnam is totally unfair on Vietnam.

    Christ the worst case there is Hanoi and you get hassled a bit much for taxis (like here), or maybe go to one of the fake Sinh Cafes and pay US$40 for a slightly less good US$30 tour (i.e. like the ones we got in Hanoi which frankly weren’t quite as good as the Sinh Cafes ones in Saigon).

  2. You mean shit was literally dropped on your shoes, or do you mean “shit” as in stuff?? 😉

    Matt don’t give up on India yet, you could do to another city…

  3. Already leaving I fly out on Thursday morning. Seriously I I think Agra is even worse. They recommend Pizza Hut in the rough guide. Frankly until the Indian government gets remotely serious on tourism I won’t be visiting and they have some of the best stuff to see in the world.

  4. This is owner of Smyle Inn, I accidentally bumped into this post of year 2009. I want to advise you that since then we have take a lot of measures to give pleasant experience to our guests at Smyle Inn. The tour agent was fired long ago after we heard complaints about him. We now have our own travel employee who is happy to book you on trains and buses. Hope this explanation helps.

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