On my second last day in Shanghai I headed over to the gardens of Suzhou. I left on the 10.30am train after getting my Xi’An ticket and sitting around for the requisite amount of time. I got to go first class as well which was nice but unnecessary. It was my own fault though as I didn’t specify and I’d specifically asked for a first class ticket to Xi’An – in case I can’t get all my shopping in my backpack I want it to be safe in a normal bag. I shouldn’t complain too much as it was only another ¥5 and I got a free water. The train was pretty quick and I think it got up to 200km/h.

Suzhou was pretty interesting after arrival and I first saw an OK Chinese temple before visiting a quite interesting museum on silk production – they were currently making some silk on an old loom that didn’t even have a mechanical shuttle. After this I tried to go to another museum but I couldn’t find it – on the way I found some canals which Suzhou is partly known for before looking at a couple more gardens which Suzhou is really famouse for. These were good but not great. Partly because I don’t enjoy them that much and partly because it’s winter I’m sure. For lunch I did manage to have a small portion of Chinese dumplings which was good. After this I headed back to the train station where I got my ticket. I had to wait so first I headed to KFC for supper before settling down in the waiting room for my train.

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