The Night Safari

After arriving into Singapore once again I took the MRT back to Bugis and my accommodation, the Inn Crowd hostel. In the afternoon I uploaded some photos to Flickr and did a brief bit of shopping. After this I had a delicious Burger King burger before heading over to the Singapore Night Safari using my pre-purchased ticket I got at the bird park before I went to Cambodia.

To get there I took the special S$4 bus which was an adventure in itself as I was running late for the bus (something I’ve *never* done before.). Once I got there the Singaporeans around tried to be helpful but failed miserably – the first guy refused to tell me which street I was on and instead gave me directions somewhere else. The second then told me to stand on the wrong side of the road where there was a public bus bus stop so I had to cross like it was Viet Nam to get the bus.

Then after all that fun I arrived at the Night Safari itself. The night safari itself was absolutely amazing and was well worth the entry fee. First I saw their night animal show – this was complete at the beginning with a request not to use camera flash in 5 languages (everything else was only in English.) – unsurprisingly this wasn’t followed through and people used their camera flashes anyway. The show was pretty good and entertaining even so. Probably the flashes where on because the people didn’t know how to switch them off – or they are like my Canon which auto-reenables the flash in auto (and even night scenery) modes. Yeah it’s lame Canon – the Panasonic Lumix range doesn’t do this.

After this I ignored the crowds going on the tram and walked around the enclosures that you can reach on foot -this enabled me to see lions, tigers giraffes as well as a sloth bear and giant flying squirrel which was amazing to see. The animals also seemed to be fairly lively.

After a nearly 2 hour walk around the animal enclosures (I don’t have photos as my camera was out of battery.) I decided to not be cheap and shell out the S$10 for the tram which took me round some more of the animals I had missed in my initial explorations with surprisingly few duplicates before I headed home to bed.

The next day I arranged my bus to Melaka and finally found the decent priced food court in Bugis junction – finally I could get a decent priced meal there and for which I had the speciality “carrot cake” and a delicious ice dessert.

Note that the food at the Night Safari is expensive at at least S$10 a meal. Also if you are catching the public bus back from the zoo/night safari then the 927 bus and changing onto the MRT at the far end is probably about 5 minutes faster even though you go to a more out of the way MRT station if your accommodation isn’t on the red (north-south) line. You could also probably get the 138 and transfer at the end of the upper thomson road to another bus and then get the MRT from Newton if you want to be really cool and that would probably be even quicker – though its only viable with an EZ-link card and you’d need to ask where to get off.

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