Quebec City

On Sunday I headed over to Quebec city on a coach tour. The journey there was uneventful. When we arrived in Quebec we went on a walking tour with a local guide which was OK and he gave out some good information but he also couldn’t stop talking about the shopping opportunites which apparently only included products made in Canada. There was also a mug marked with Not Made in China – funnily enough it cost $17 which only makes the case for buying stuff from China stronger as if it was Chinese it’d only cost $1. It would have been even more amusing if it was just made in Vietnam or something instead ;).

Other than that Quebec City was very nice and European. It has a great hotel in the centre which has a gorgeous copper roof. There were also a nice (and popular which is why picked it.) restaurant on the square where I had a great quiche. After lunch I headed over to the local Catholic and Protestant churches they were both good but the Catholic one didn’t have all it’s signs in English as well as French. I understand the sentiment but in 2009 it is pretty lame for a 1st world country -e especially when the Chinese major museums all have English signage. In fact the other day I was watching the BBC covering the new Chinese oil well in Iraq and they were saying they didn’t employ local Iraqis because they didn’t speak a certain language – and it wasn’t Mandarin ;).

After that I wandered the streets some more and headed over to the citidel which was good and similar to the one I saw in Nova Scotia but bigger. Unfortunately there wasn’t the time to take a look inside. After that I returned to the bus and MontrĂ©al.

The next morning I headed to the airport to go to Toronto. This time instead of the airbus I used the standard public transport system which got me there in 40 minutes which wasn’t bad at all. The only disadvantage was that there were two changes instead of one but it worked well.