Niagara Falls

So On Thursday I made my way to Toronto bus station for a day trip to Niagara falls with Coach Canada (Stagecoach). This was uneventful until we actually arrived where sadly unlike at Iguazu and the Terracotta Warriors they didn’t explain where to go when we got off the public bus – even though they earn more here, there are more tourists on the bus and they speak English natively its sad when they can’t meet the standards set by the developing world.

Now the bad news. Lady Roosevelt was right when she saw the Iguazu falls to say “Poor Niagara” – it is better.

However Niagara falls is still pretty damn good and actually you seem to get wetter than Iguazu anyway as you get closer to the bottom. It also generates huge amounts of spray. So much so that at times you feel you’re experiencing “Shanghai mist” :p. Anyhow I paid C$40 for the whole attraction which included going behind the falls on the boat up to the falls on the river, walking along a set of rapids and an attraction that explained the tour. That wasn’t particularly good though the former three attractions were all great.

One amusing thing I saw in the main vistors centre was a Beijing 2008 photo of the Great (really it should be translated as Long) Wall and an unlabelled photo from above of Iguazu.

After that I got the bus back up toward the falls and headed across to the US to see the falls from that side. Sadly that cost US$6 which is essentially a visa charge but otherwise the border staff seemed to be nice.

On the other side I just wandered along the shore and the view was pretty damn good from the American side as well and there was less spray. The attractions also looked better on that side though fairly similar to the Canadian ones.