1. Hey Matthew , just having a little look what you’ve been up to. Looks fantastic and I have just said to mum that I want to go travelling again , and I’ve been told Im not allowed! But she might go instead ! Photo’s look famtastic and I just don’t know how you find the time to do the website as you go.

    Had a lovely wkd in the lakes a month back with all the rellies, was good to catch up with everyone. Looks like it’s gonna be a yearly thing which is cool.

    Nothing much else to report from here. Thanks for the postcard.

    love from us all xx

  2. Sounds cool, I’m having fun here.

    I have the time to write stuff as I can just write the posts while sitting on buses and other waiting time on my iPod and publish them straight from that.

  3. Gidday Matthew- I hope you swim with the dolphins in the south island- that may be the highlight of your trip.

    Keep your sun lotion on cos I reckon you may need it! Nice to meet you and look forward to welcoming James in February. Jeremy

  4. Hey Matthew , glad to hear about your NZ travels , send our love to everyone in Nz – well more specifically our family. If you can catch an overnight cruise on milford sounds that was great & gives you more chance of catching good weather. There’s also a luge in queenstown thats worth a visit – oh and don’t forget to visit the recycling centre in wanaka – great if you need to get any more stuff, or just get a bargain!
    Thats all , everything is sweet as here (if you havn’t heard that phrase yet – you will round qtown/wanaka)

    I’ve just seen they reply to the last post – excellent time management – Loving it !

    speak soon love tess xx

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS….Hope you’ve had a good one. Had a lovely typical xmas here drink , food , pressies and a walk round the waterpark… and some singing and dancing too !

    Love from us all xx

  6. I can’t really help you off forum, that isn’t really fair to me.

    I certainly wouldn’t use Java to develop Cococa applications these days, its depreciated so use Objective C, if you need to use Applescript you can use it with that.

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