Software for the Mac

I personally am a Mac user, and have been for a few years now but one thing I notice is that lots of people will come and criticise my choice of computer based on lack of software support for the platform.

However while it is true that there are certain professional applications without Mac support to this day, such as AutoCAD* (a 3D design/engineering program) the truth is the situation is much less limited than people think.

Today, I wanted to download some photos from Flickr so I could show them to my family without an internet connection. So I picked up that there was a program called Downloadr to download them. Unfortunately this program is only available for Windows.

Although I have Windows installed on my MacBook (and I will probably get Windows 7 when it comes out later this year.) I prefer to use Mac OS X instead so I asked a question on MacRumors to see if I could find an equivalent Mac application. This didn’t come up with any promising answers so I set down to just use the Windows program. After getting it installed and creating a manual desktop shortcut and creating the folder in Program files (via 2 UAC prompts) for the program I loaded it up – unfortunately the program crashed straight away and so was essentially useless so I reported this to the developer and got on with my day.

Then later that evening I went back to the website to see whether the developer had had time to follow up my report (I admit I’m being impatient here :p) and found that they hadn’t but they had linked to a piece of software called Flickery which I clicked on to see what it was – and guess what. Its a Mac application.

Now actually this is only the third time that I have had a problem finding software for the Mac since I switched to the Mac back in 2004. The first time was for watching channel 4 TV shows on the computer, though actually now that has got a Mac version these days.

The second time was actually a little more important as the version of Microsoft Office for Mac is a bit weak on the Mac compared to the Windows version as it doesn’t come with all the bits like Access that the Windows version has.

The moral of the story is that while Macs may be expensive, you probably aren’t going to be short of software unless you are a high-end professional user or you need lots of advanced features out of Microsoft Office – one of the weaker Mac applications.

* = Though actually AutoCAD are talking about making a version for the Mac again at the moment. I hear there is some high-end mapping software that is Windows only, but I’m not sure what exactly that is.

Pictures named

I named the rest of my photos this morning.

Sorry I don’t have time now to post about what I’ve been up to here in KL as I need to go and get my bags and head over to the airport for my flight to China this evening. It has been pretty good however.

Photos uploaded

My friend Rupert has kindly uploaded a bunch more photos for me, which I’ve started to name, I’ll finish when I’m not in the most expensive internet cafe in Malaysia in the KLCC complex (it costs RM8, 1.60GBP for 1 hour!). I’ve named some of them as well

Photos attached to Facebook

Due to the wonders of modern technology, I’ve found that Flickr and Facebook work together quite well – better than the NHS IT system or the Kuala Lumpur public transport system for example!

Anyhow this wonder means that if you are on my Facebook friends list you can go onto my Facebook profile page and you should be able to view all my photos by looking at the “Flickr photosets” box just below my friends box on the “wall/info” screen.

I would provide a screenshot including some blurred photos of all my hot female friends in the box above but I’m on a PC in an internet cafe so I don’t think I have the tools.

Photos uploaded

I’ve been slowly uploading some photos this afternoon, but its so slow here that I’ve got bored of the process, but more should join them in the next few days. They are of course as usual on my Flickr acccount.

I’ll also title/tag them in due course.

Further photos uploaded

I decided to get my computer time finished this weekend and I’ve uploaded and named all the photos I’ve uploaded over the past couple of days.

A final reminder, personal photos require having a Flickr account and me as a friend, view the help page for how to do it, though its not completely intuitive it is worth persevering on.

I’ve updated the instructions a little to make it a little more than a link and send me an email if you have any problems, as someone who wants to work in computer programming its important for me to be able to get this stuff right.

PS I should note I’ve met and helped people who’ve had problems switching off the flash on their digital camera and that is always incredibly easy, so I won’t bite your head off for asking for help :p.

More photos online

After arriving on the bullet train into Kyoto I sat down and uploaded some more photos at my hostel these are now online on Flickr and named (some not very well though), enjoy, but now I’m off to bed as its midnight here.

Photos uploaded

I’ve named the latest bunch of photos on Flickr now so you now know what they are of.

PS If you want to see pictures of me you’ll need to add me as a Flickr friend, see the help page for how.

PPS The Japanese (aside from the Apple Store) take the view that the internet must be used for an hour so they are even worse than in New Zealand, so posts will be infrequent unless I’m in a hostel with WiFi or close to an Apple Store.