Misc stuff

Just a reminder that you can view my photos from the links to “Matthew’s photos” links at the top and left of each page.

So you can see all the pictures feel free to add me as a Flickr contact more information is available in the welcome post and this post. As I don’t always have re ability to upload photos they may appear at different times from the posts here (and if I’m bored of the Internet after uploading them they may appear without a blog post)

Finally if i’ve given you my website to contact you you can add me on Facebook by following the Facebook link on the about/contact page.

PS When I have access to a real computer rather than my iPod I’ll be turning this into a help page.

Adding me as a Flickr contact

Hopefully you have now setup a Flickr account by now, if you have a Yahoo! account, you basically just have to sign into your Yahoo! account to create a Flickr one. Its worth noting that you don’t need a Pro account to use Flickr and it is completely free.

However Flickr can be quite difficult to figure out how to add people as a contact, first you have to go to my profile page (this was linked in the Welcome post, but is also linked here).

Then you click on the “add to contacts” button, which is shown in the following screenshot circled in red:

My main profile screen, the add to contacts is shown circled in red

My main profile screen, the add to contacts is shown circled in red

After clicking on this you are then taken to the following screen:

Flickr add to friends/family page

Flickr add to friends/family page

Where you can mark me as a friend/family as appropriate.

At this stage I am sent an email where I can add you as a friend/family member, once I have done this you can view pictures that I have marked as such.


I’ve just switched my personal website over to using WordPress, so it looks better and is easier to write blog posts for during my travels. I’ll aim to keep it updated fairly often so you can see what I’m up to.

If you wish to make comments on my website you can register for a new user account here, though you can just make comments with an email address.

I’ll be publishing photos on my Flickr page which can be found with the link “Matthew’s Photos” at the top of the page or here. Although many of my photos will be made publicly available some (EDIT: Those with people who I know in them) will only be visible to my friends and family on Flickr.

If you wish to see these photos you’ll need to create an account for Flickr here, and then add me as a friend/family which you should be able to do on my Flickr profile page. Don’t worry Flickr is owned by Yahoo! so its trustable, and if you have a Yahoo! account already for something it should be fairly painless to set one up for Flickr too.

Otherwise no additional accounts or applications should be required.