On Christmas day I had a lazy morning (it’s Christmas after all) and then headed to Osaka. First I had a slow walk around the exterior of the castle before having some lunch. At which point I decided I was going to see the more impressive castle Himeji a little later so I gave it a miss and instead headed to the new museum of the history of Osaka. Unfortunately the displays weren’t in English but there was an excellent audio guide that covered more than enough material to satisfy me. Osaka seems to have been a city for a very long time now and it showed the cities development from an ancheint capital into the modern bustling city of today.

After that I went to the excellent aquarium though it was really cool and gave you a good look at the fish, the only problems were that given that it was Christmas day at 5pm it was rammed and the whale-sharks which were the star attraction didn’t really have enough space.

After that I was pretty tired so I haven’t had much of a taste of the city in one day but it seems to be quite a pretty and modern city from what I’ve seen so far.