New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

This September I’ve taken a couple of weeks off to do some more travelling – this time to visit Nova Scotia in Canada which in the original Latin means “New Scotland” (credit to them for not directly stealing one of our place names and at least appending New to the beginning :p). Anyhow unlike Chelsea in New York (where I stayed when I was there) which isnt the rich part of town and Greenland which isn’t green it is at least a valid name. Nova Scotia is fairly wild, most of the population lives in the centre and it has surprisingly familiar placenames – just like the real Scotland!

Anyhow I arrived into Halifax international airport on Thursday to spend the “long weekend” with my cousin who has moved out to Nova Scotia from England. When we arrived I was met at the airport for the drive down the highway to his house. This was pretty uneventful except for the extremely heavy traffic that you’d expect for a four lane highway in a province 2/3 the size of England but with only a million people.

On the Friday as punishment for being pathetic and not flying over to Canada on September 11th I was forced to help my cousin put up the trusses (the triangular bits that you use to hold the roof up.) for his garage roof which was good fun and hard work. So we could finish the job we went on until 9pm after it was dark lit with floodlights.

The next day we headed out to the coast and first had a wander along the beach – even though it was a Saturday afternoon and pretty warm the beach was basically empty and was great for seeing birds. After that we walked up into the hills through a wood to a waterfall.

The next day we had some canadian blueberry pancakes for breakfast before heading out on a second walk through the woods near the sea to a place called Cape Split. This was a pretty long walk at 5 miles each way. Fortunately I had my walking boots with me – I broke far too many pairs of shoes last time I went travelling so the walk went fine. The walk was mosly through the woods though we ended up seeing a pereguin falcon which was pretty cool.

The next day we headed down the coast to Anapolis Royal which was the original on Nova Scotia and was in fact originally enhabited by French settlers. Just down the coast there was a pretty cool reconstruction of theirs which we had a look round. There were even fur skins on the walls which as it was a fir trading post was realistic. They also had the lighting suitably low – unlike the UK the Canadians aren’t totally obsessed by health and safety.