Why you should update the software on your computer

One of the boring things I had to do when I returned to the UK was to run the software update on my Mac, as I had to update quite a bit of software as its been nearly 8 months since I last used it there was a lot to update – and god it was boring.

I had never realised how dull it was before because I always download the updates when I’m told about them by the software updater, or before if my favourite technology site tells me about them first which makes it far more bearable.

However it is really important to do it as explained on this Arstechnica article that actually security software isn’t particularly effective at stopping the bad guys. But if you keep software updated fully then you have the best possible chance of staying safe. It also goes without saying that you have to show some common sense online as well, visiting dodgy porn sites is dodgy, like walking around a strange city at 4am alone is.

By sheer coincidence Microsoft has released some information on email scams as well today. The link to the article discussing it is here. Microsoft usually has pretty good advice on security so its worth following if you don’t already. Of course like with everything it isn’t foolproof, and subtle stuff might still get through that checklist.