Toronto part 2

So after leaving the Royal Ontario museum I had a pizza for supper followed by watching the movie 9 a bit later. The next day I wasn’t feeling 100% so I had a lie in before heading out to see some more tourist attractions. First I headed to Casa Loma which is Spanish for house on the hill, this is a big castle built by Sir blah who at one time was Toronto’s richest citizen who owned 25% of the whole of Canada. Anyhow he built this slightly tasteless but actually pretty attractive house on the hill with some nice gardens too. I even managed to have a breakfast bagel there. The main disappointment was that the interior wasn’t as lavish as I’d imagined it should be. Peterhof makes it look like a house for paupers – but even the average English country house does the same thing so that was a little disappointing.

After that I took the subway back to the centre of town, had lunch and then went over to the Ortario art gallery.

There initially I took a guided tour of their contemporary collection which includes a piece called “The Index” on the ground floor which is a bit random. Then upstairs there were some pieces of 1960’s and 1970’s art including a piece showing Americans killing and disagreeing strongly with each other as they were in the 1960’s. I believe this even led to students getting killed though i’m not sure of the numbers. The most interesting thing about that piece was that although all of the adults were covered in blood the children weren’t – you definitely had to stop and think about it which is great to see in art. The tour was great at showing the meaning of the pieces witout doing so. It was more like it gave you the ability to think them through on your own. The other thing that was very funny was a piece talking about the “advantages” of being a female artist – like being able to hold down 4 freelance jobs to escape the art world. It was funny but sadly reflects a lack of eqality that still seems to be true today. On my tour of the contemporary section we missed the room out :p.

After that I had dinner at the gallery which was expensive but tasty, I had satanist Froi Grau followed by british Columbian salmon. Good food for once! After that I headed to do a bit of clothes shopping at GAP (just like England :p – fortunately they seemed to sell more trousers made properly (i.e. those that have entered the latter half of the 20th century and have zips in the crotch.) than their English stores this season. After that I caught the Subway over to a nightlife district where I went to Tranzac a local Toronto club (obviously with links to Australia and New Zealand). There I saw some OK local bands and Keven Quain who was also a local artist but he was pretty good.

Tomorrow I’m off to Niagra falls!